Tallest Bungy Jump Experience – “Fear is stupid. So are Regrets.”

“Oh my Godddddddd !” That was the first thing I screamed when I was falling off from one of the tallest towers in the world.

This was never in my plan. After comparing the cost of the jump with my bank balance,this seemed impossible. We had only one day trip planned for Macau and the previous night, I was checking Google for “Things to do in Macau”.I don’t know if it was a sign or me being desperate for it, all I could see was “Bungy” “Tallest” “Adrenalinrush” “Once in a lifetime experience”. I couldn’t stop thinking about it nor stop talking about it. That’s when my friend said those magical words ” Let’s use my credit card”.

The entire cost of the jump with the video and pictures were around 30000 rupees and I knowwww!! It’s too expensive for a jump. But the kind of adrenalinrush and for that top-of-the-world feeling you experience,it’s priceless.

Click here to pre-book an amazing Bungy Experience https://www.klook.com/activity/93-macau-tower-bungy-jump-macau/

So I immediately checked Klook for the booking but for the next day it was closed. But somehow I managed to book it in the AJHackett site directly which is expensive than klook for sure. But “the heart wants what it wants”.

THE DAY : I arrived at macau early in the morning, everything seemed so perfect until one hour before the scheduled jump. It was pouring rain and there was no sign for the rain to stop. Clouds were gloomy, so was I.Still I got to the tower excited and terrified at the same time hoping my jump is not cancelled due to the bad weather . Luckily the weather was favoring me somehow and I was ready for it.

So once I was done with the safety procedures, I was made to sit there for 23mins ( Yeah! I couldn’t stop calculating the time) and wait for my turn. Trust me! Even if you are so confident of doing it, seeing other people jump is actually intimidating than the jump.

But regrets are worse. Do it. You anyways have only one life to live. Just Jump off.


The views were amazing from the top. Before I could realize, I was falling at a speed where one couldn’t actually think.I have no particular word to describe how it felt but I’m sure there is nothing compared to it. After all “It’s once in a Lifetime experience.”

The Amount of joy and confidence you feel after the jump is incomparable and you must do it to know how awesome it feels. If you are planning on doing it, go for it!!

Thanks for reading. 😇

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