Tallest Bungy Jump Experience – “Fear is stupid. So are Regrets.”

“Oh my Godddddddd !” That was the first thing I screamed when I was falling off from one of the tallest towers in the world.

This was never in my plan. After comparing the cost of the jump with my bank balance,this seemed impossible. We had only one day trip planned for Macau and the previous night, I was checking Google for “Things to do in Macau”.I don’t know if it was a sign or me being desperate for it, all I could see was “Bungy” “Tallest” “Adrenalinrush” “Once in a lifetime experience”. I couldn’t stop thinking about it nor stop talking about it. That’s when my friend said those magical words ” Let’s use my credit card”.

The entire cost of the jump with the video and pictures were around 30000 rupees and I knowwww!! It’s too expensive for a jump. But the kind of adrenalinrush and for that top-of-the-world feeling you experience,it’s priceless.

Click here to pre-book an amazing Bungy Experience https://www.klook.com/activity/93-macau-tower-bungy-jump-macau/

So I immediately checked Klook for the booking but for the next day it was closed. But somehow I managed to book it in the AJHackett site directly which is expensive than klook for sure. But “the heart wants what it wants”.

THE DAY : I arrived at macau early in the morning, everything seemed so perfect until one hour before the scheduled jump. It was pouring rain and there was no sign for the rain to stop. Clouds were gloomy, so was I.Still I got to the tower excited and terrified at the same time hoping my jump is not cancelled due to the bad weather . Luckily the weather was favoring me somehow and I was ready for it.

So once I was done with the safety procedures, I was made to sit there for 23mins ( Yeah! I couldn’t stop calculating the time) and wait for my turn. Trust me! Even if you are so confident of doing it, seeing other people jump is actually intimidating than the jump.

But regrets are worse. Do it. You anyways have only one life to live. Just Jump off.


The views were amazing from the top. Before I could realize, I was falling at a speed where one couldn’t actually think.I have no particular word to describe how it felt but I’m sure there is nothing compared to it. After all “It’s once in a Lifetime experience.”

The Amount of joy and confidence you feel after the jump is incomparable and you must do it to know how awesome it feels. If you are planning on doing it, go for it!!

Thanks for reading. 😇

Starting Off : Ideas on how to Plan a Budget Trip



Perhaps this being the first blog I’m pretty much excited and nervous at the same time writing about my amazing experiences and I hope this  helps you have the same.

To get started with, travelling is an amazing idea and you don’t have to own a bank for it. All you need to do is a bit early and better planing so you can visit any city without “Selling-your-kidney” for sure.

Finding the cheapest flight Tickets:

I personally feel finding flights are going to be the most expensive part of the trip. I’m a budget traveler, I work in an IT Firm and I fund my own travel so finding the cheapest flight is like a mission-to-accomplish for me.

I have mentioned some of the ideas that I follow while booking the cheapest flights.Lets go on.

Comparison is the Key:

I compare a lot of websites before finalizing on one and also keep a check on the prices one or two months before the travel dates but not before that . Okay some of the sites I mostly use for comparing are TripAdvisor,goibibo,musafir,kayak,cleartrip, skyscanner and sometimes I visit the airlines website directly after checking them and I use of lot of coupon codes on the same to get the best price possible. Once the flights are booked, Voila! half your planning is complete.

Be flexible with your Dates and Destinations: I don’t look for a travel date in particular  but make the cheapest flight day as my travel date. A great tip isn’t it?.

While I was planning to visit Hongkong , taking a flight from Bangalore was cheaper than taking a flight from Chennai. Even if you consider adding the cost from chennai to Bangalore, it was cheaper than the prices from Chennai. So be flexible with the transfer flights as well.

Also keep in mind, flying on a weekday is always cheaper than weekend and consider taking a budget airlines like Air asia,Spicejet or indigo if the travel time is less than 4 hours.Also consider travelling to a country after the holiday Season because obviously when everyone is flying the prices are going to shoot up.

Different options while you search:

Always search flights for one person first, so you get a better idea when Comparing between sites. One of the best tricks is ,If you have 2 coupons then book 2 one way tickets so you can use both of them. Having an account in all the sites can earn you points every time you book which you can redeem later also you will genotified during price drop.

Sometimes changing the currency value can change the pricing , so keep that in mind as well!!



Ahhh! I know half of our traveling life is spent getting Visas and standing in the interview queue but if you are starting off then try visiting countries which offer ‘On-arrival’ Visa.

Some on-arrival countries are available here https://www.makemytrip.com/blog/visa-on-arrival-for-indians

If you need assistance or someone to help you ,then try visiting https://in.musafir.com/Visa

There is no short-cut for getting Visas and you definitely need proper documents filed.

Finding a Place to stay:

Like everybody says, AIRBNB is a boon to budget travelers and finding cheaper stay anywhere is made easy.

Always try booking a hotel /Home close to the places you want to visit so  traveling around the city is much easier and quick. Also consider a place closer to a market so you can cook for yourself which saves a lot of money.

Visit   https://www.airbnb.com

Getting around the City :

Getting around the city is very convenient in most of the places , all you need to do is use Google Maps which is the best way to navigate and always follow signs and look for them because they will be everywhere. If the city you are traveling  has a metro then u are in for a jackpot. It saves a lot of money because cabs are expensive in most of the cities and taking the metro let you experience the local lifestyle for free.*wink

Always check for the local transportation and buy the travel card so you get to recharge as you go instead of standing and fighting with the ticket machine forever.

Walking is another amazing  mode of transport since you get to explore lot more and somehow weirdly feel more confident about yourself.

Checklist to be taken care before you are ready to leave:


1. Your tickets must be booked and visa must be kept ready.

2. Accommodation must be booked and it’s better if you talk with the host before couple of days so they know about your arrival.

3. Finding apps that helps you book entry tickets for tourist places for better price.

4. Have local currency in hand before traveling,or I would highly recommend using a forex card than exchanging the currency in a money exchanger. Since forex supports multi-currency you can use it everywhere. ( But remember depending upon the country, it is gonna change.)

Planning the “Places to visit” :

It’s always great to have a basic plan of what you are going to do after reaching your destination.Just decide on the places first and write it down in a notebook. Once you are done with the travel spots,calculate the amount of time it’s going take from your place and club all the places of that particular region.

Also decide on how much time you are going to spend in that particular spot. Assume if it’s a temple then say you hardly stay for may be 2 hours  and if there is a park or a beach then add it during the evening so u can watch the sunset.  I’m not that kinda person who allocate time for lunch but grab something on the go.

So depending on the number of days, you can allocate your schedule based on your personal interest.

That’s all, you are ready buddy.! Plan your trip and let me know if this helped you in anyway.

Thanks for reading. This means the world to me. 🙂 Love.