Tallest Bungy Jump Experience – “Fear is stupid. So are Regrets.”

“Oh my Godddddddd !” That was the first thing I screamed when I was falling off from one of the tallest towers in the world.

This was never in my plan. After comparing the cost of the jump with my bank balance,this seemed impossible. We had only one day trip planned for Macau and the previous night, I was checking Google for “Things to do in Macau”.I don’t know if it was a sign or me being desperate for it, all I could see was “Bungy” “Tallest” “Adrenalinrush” “Once in a lifetime experience”. I couldn’t stop thinking about it nor stop talking about it. That’s when my friend said those magical words ” Let’s use my credit card”.

The entire cost of the jump with the video and pictures were around 30000 rupees and I knowwww!! It’s too expensive for a jump. But the kind of adrenalinrush and for that top-of-the-world feeling you experience,it’s priceless.

Click here to pre-book an amazing Bungy Experience https://www.klook.com/activity/93-macau-tower-bungy-jump-macau/

So I immediately checked Klook for the booking but for the next day it was closed. But somehow I managed to book it in the AJHackett site directly which is expensive than klook for sure. But “the heart wants what it wants”.

THE DAY : I arrived at macau early in the morning, everything seemed so perfect until one hour before the scheduled jump. It was pouring rain and there was no sign for the rain to stop. Clouds were gloomy, so was I.Still I got to the tower excited and terrified at the same time hoping my jump is not cancelled due to the bad weather . Luckily the weather was favoring me somehow and I was ready for it.

So once I was done with the safety procedures, I was made to sit there for 23mins ( Yeah! I couldn’t stop calculating the time) and wait for my turn. Trust me! Even if you are so confident of doing it, seeing other people jump is actually intimidating than the jump.

But regrets are worse. Do it. You anyways have only one life to live. Just Jump off.


The views were amazing from the top. Before I could realize, I was falling at a speed where one couldn’t actually think.I have no particular word to describe how it felt but I’m sure there is nothing compared to it. After all “It’s once in a Lifetime experience.”

The Amount of joy and confidence you feel after the jump is incomparable and you must do it to know how awesome it feels. If you are planning on doing it, go for it!

There is no other feeling like this.Ever!!!You still doubt it?? Watch this.

Thanks for reading. 😇

The Hong Kong Bucket List :Things to Do,See & Eat

Living My Little Adventure.

Hong Kong is a very modern and futuristic City with world class system for transportation and easy accessibility to most of the tourist places. Being listed as one of the most expensive cities to live in, it is not that expensive for a tourist to explore the beauty of it.

First of all you need to have a better idea of the city itself, so you can get everywhere easy and fast. So, Hong Kong is divided into 3 main regions. Sounds like I’m  a geography teacher but still these things make a big difference while you are by your own.

1.Hong Kong Island

2.Kowloon Island

3.New Territories ( Lantau Island)

Most of the attractions in Hong Kong are priced, so getting a ticket before visiting is advisable because nobody wants to stand in a long queue wasting time right?

I used an app called Klook to book most of the attraction. This had the cheapest prices and it also had a deal for 4G SIM, Express train from the Airport and also for the Octopus Card. By the way, the first thing you need to buy is the Octopus card if you choose to use the MRT, its a travel card in which u can load money  at all MRTs or local store and use it for trains (except the Express that connects the City and Airport), buses and most of the places.

Finding a Place to stay:

Finding cheap stay in Hong Kong is easy if you prefer a airbnb home . I chose the Hong Kong Island side,close to the market,so I can buy stuff and cook for myself. Since traveling around the city is much convenient whatever place we choose is going to be  Fine.

Getting around the city is very convenient , all you need to find out is the nearest MRT station. Google Maps is the best way to navigate and Always follow signs and look for them because they are everywhere.

Tourists places to visit in Hong Kong:


Im sure you would’ve seen a million pictures of Victoria Peak if you would’ve searched for places to visit in Hong Kong. Yesss! This place has the most surreal view of the entire city. You can see both Hong Kong Island as well as the Kowloon from the View Point. I would recommend you to reach early and book the ticket in advance because this is one of the main attractions in the city and you can see tourists flooding the place. Also the quick and convenient way to reach the top is by the Peak Tram. It is been operated for years and taking the slanting tram is definetly a different experience right?

Once you reach there you are going to be in awe for sometime with the views. I reached the top during the sunset and left after it was dark.

You also have a Madame Tussards and a 4D adventure Museum if you are interested.



One can never get old for Disney and so this is one of the must-do in hongkong. Listed as the smallest disneyworld it has so much to offer  not only for kids but also for Adults. It starts with Main Street USA and then you enter to other six lands like TomorrowLand ,Fantasy Land,Adventure Land,Grizzly Gulch,Mystic Point and Toy story. Each set up either have a thrill ride, Live show or a Screen Show to entertain and “ The Lion King” is one of the bestest live show I’ve ever watched. 


Plan your day in advance because it takes an entire day to visit disney and they have lot of restaurants inside with all amenities needed. 

Don’t leave the Disneyland without watching the magical Fireworks and Once it is done you gotta run to take the MRT or you will be stuck there forever waiting in line to take the MRT.


On reaching the Ngong Ping Cable car Terminal it is a 25 mins ride from the Tung Chung to Ngong Ping. As Always, Please book your tickets in advance so you get a quick access to the cable car and also try getting a one way ticket in the Crystal cabin where you get a see through floor to enjoy the lush greenery and the cool bird’s eye view.


Upon reaching Ngong Ping you would be greeted by the culturally themed 1.5 hectare of this tiny village. Walk further to check out the most spectacular 35 meters tall Big Buddha named as the “Ten Engineering Wonders in Hong Kong”.


It is one of the pleasant place to be in Hong Kong and the Ten Thousand Buddha Monastery is beyond beautiful which is situated right opposite to the Big buddha.


Victoria harbour :

Since hongkong contains two islands you get to see amazing skyline from both end. Get to the closest Pier and indulge in this beautiful view at night. Symphony of Lights is a laser show that happens at 20:00 PM everyday and holds a record for “Largest Permanent Light and Sound show” by Guinness World Records which last about 15 mins. Honestly, it is not something  to die for because I had too much expectations for this but it turned out to be normal.



It is a garden with statues and handprints of stars in Hong Kong and the only 2 I recognized was Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee. It was similar to Hollywood Walk of Fame but in Hong Kong Version. 



This area is known for its shopping and its huge varieties of delicacy from street food to luxury dinning. This place has a Flower Market, Bird Market, Goldfish Market and for all the ladies out here, LADIES MARKET.  Find a Mulberry bag for 500 rs  or cute little accessories to carry back home as a souvenir. It is a bit chaos here but worth the shopping experience.


Hong Kong is also known for its food and obviously DIM SUM is my favourite of all. No matter whats yours budget ,there’s a way for you to enjoy dim sum in Hong Kong.

Im glad I visited one of the oldest themed eateries called Hello Kitty Chinese cuisine which had the most cutest custard buns , dumplings and the list goes on.

Egg Waffles are a must try too. Yummmyyy!!

 Throughout my trip I survived mostly on street food or since I was staying at home I cooked ( mostly on instant noodles. May be!) and fruits. 

You never get bored of Hong kong and it is a great place to start your first trip alone or with your family. Thanks for Reading. Appreciate it much.